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Introducing Codester

For a long time Envato’s CodeCanyon website has long been the marketplace of choice to sell your PHP scripts and make yourself some well-earned hard-earned commission on sales. It now has 2.5 million plus items for sale across its many marketplaces, which also include videohive and graphicriver. CodeCanyon alone has sold a staggering 43,244,620 items and counting and raked in $553,273,506 in community earnings. But it’s not all sunshine and roses there, with some unhappy at the commission rates, among other things and themes, scripts and videos can easily get lost among the many hundreds in your category alone, listed for sale.

So maybe it is time for another contender. Let us introduce Codester, the marketplace where you can buy ready-to-use scripts, app source code, themes, templates, plugins and more. And where you can sell and receive a commission rate of 70%. No minimum number of sales required. No exclusivity required. And you can feel free to keep selling your products on your own website.

If you want to learn more, hop on over to their website and take a look!

Vist them here


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