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I now make cat videos! Canva and Adobe Premiere Pro Review.

I’ve always wanted to lend my hand to video editing. Recently an advert for Canva popped up on my Facebook feed and I also begun to hear adverts for it on the radio. So I thought I would check it out.

Launched in 2013, Canva is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere. It is a is a free-to-use online graphic design tool which can be used to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and much much more.

The GUI is awesome! So easy to use, presented extremely well and the free offering gives you more than enough to get going. In fact you may never need to pay for the Pro version. You can use it online or install their app, both on your PC/Mac or on your phone so that you can create videos and all sorts on the go.

Having learnt my way around, I set up a YouTube Channel and created myself a compilation of cat and dog videos as well as an A-Z of all animals. Using Canva, I was able to add labels, transitions, music, buttons, and more.

I thought I would then take a look at a professional offering. Having already paid for a Photoshop license, I upgraded to Adobe Creative, which throws in Adobe Premiere Pro. This software is more for the professional but after watching a few videos on YouTube including I have found this software is really easy to use once you get going.

Please check out my own channel here and subscribe and like the videos.

Libero offers 158,893.59% APR!

Libero ( bills itself as offering the world’s highest fixed APY – a staggering 158,893.59%, or 2.02% each 24 hours. This is an incredible return of investment. It almost sounds too good to be true. And in the crazy world of Crypto, it so often is. But Libero looks to be a sustainable project that can truly offer financial freedom, provided you have the ability to HODL (hold on for dear life).

Albert Einstein once said, “Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it”.

“Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it”.

Albert Einstein

Launched at the beginning of March and with 68,000 plus holders already, Investing in Libero comes with heavy taxes. 18% buy taxes and 25% sell taxes. So when you buy Libero, you’ll need to wait a few days for your compounded interest to kick in before you break even, but after only 14 days your Libero auto-compounds to 132.67% of your initial capital (provided the price remains constant or goes up).

How is Libero sustainable as a project?

The buy and sell taxes that make you think twice about investing are what makes Libero sustainable. 5% of the buy and 10% of the sales fees are directed to the RFV fund which helps sustain and back the Staking Rewards provided by the Positive Rebase. RFV fund has been bridged to multichain farming to increase exponentially ~50% a year to further support price. With their Hyper burn program, 2-4% of total circulating supply is automatically burned every week, so LIBERO’s total supply will constantly be deflating against your balance, while your balance is constantly increasing against LIBERO’s total supply. Libero’s locking facility, named Libero Bank, which is aimed mostly for whales, allows you to lock your tokens in exchange for Libero and BUSD for as long as 4 years, decreasing the inflation, increasing the bottom line, and ultimately meaning that whales will not sell their LIibero, unless they forfeit 90% which is shared back amongst those that have locked. 3.1 million dollars is already locked!

Libero also just got audited CertiK who are a security blockchain that performs cryptographic audits. The company is an industry leader by pioneering the use of cutting-edge Formal Verification technology on smart contracts, blockchain protocols, wallets and DApps. Libero have become the first APR token to achieve success in an audit of this nature.

3 Steps to Financial Freedom

Buy Libero. Hold for 14 days and watch your investment auto-compound to 132% of your initial capital and 3) from day 15 : begin cashing out 1% of Libero whilst your pot still continues to grow. For example, with $20,000 of Libero, you could already withdraw $200 a day and still watch your remaining pot increase each day. This suggestion by the team is yet another way of making the project sustainable, as sells are as important to the project as buys.

The Libero website has handy calculators to show you your potential returns and you can connect your wallet to keep track of rewards, lock your tokens and much much more.

Libero is on the Binance Smart Chain and can be purchased through Pancakswap or via other means on their website.

Find out more at their website here

As always, DYOR and NFA…

Let’s All Simp!

Two murky worlds collide when the adult industry and the crypto market come together to form a brand new cryptocurrency called Simp ( Well not quite. Both worlds are often much-maligned and usually unfairly, from those who know little or care to know anything about the industries. And so it has become the mission for the team behind Simp, a fairly new token on the Binance Smart Chain, to change the opinion on both for the better.

Simp token bills itself as the first and only token by the entertainment industry, for the entertainment industry! Unlike many cryptocurrencies that have come before, Simp launched with utility first and foremost in mind and within 5 short days they were already accepting Simp as payment on their adult websites Pocketstars and Rocketstars. These two sites have a combined 400k plus subscribers. In the coming months they plan to launch an on-ramp on the two sites making the payment of Simp even easier for its subscribers. The idea behind accepting a cryptocurrency on an adult site, instead of traditional fiat (ie, USD or GBP), is that it alleviates many problems for the creators and subscribers alike who pay by and accept payment via traditional means (ie, the banks). For a start, there is anonomity for the subscriber, whose bank account now shows a transaction in cryptocurrency, rather than porn. For the creator, accepting payments in Simp means they can do away with delays from the banks (some outright refusing to work alongside the adult industry). They no longer have to suffer from chargebacks – a “chargeback” is what occurs when an individual successfully disputes a charge on a bank or credit card statement. Once the financial institution approves the dispute, a refund is issued using funds drawn from the seller’s bank account. Some creators have had their customers successfully chargeback months down the line. Cryptocurrency also helps by reducing fees. So Anonymity, low fees and no chargebacks!

More information on all of the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency/Simp on their sites can be found on the amazing Whitepaper. A 2nd version was recently released and it is one of the best whitepapers I have seen released by a cryptocurrency. Take a look here –

Not happy with just the above, Simp have many plans coming down the line. As well as the impending On-ramp, allowing subscribers to seemlessly buy Simp at their adult sites, they have also made partnerships with other sites, such as the award winning adult toy company Phreak. Phreak will soon accept payment in Simp. As Phreak uses Shopify, Simps integration on their site means they can also offer this integration to 1000s of other adult and entertainment sites who also use Shopify. Simp are also looking to bridge to ETH, which introduces the token to a much wider, wiser and larger blockchain with savvy investors, much removed from the reputation of the average Binance Smart Chain investor who is normally just out to make a quick turnaround on their investment. They are also going to be branching in to NFTs, starting their own adult NFT marketplace, as well starting Simp TV. The metaverse also offers many opportunities down the line. Truely there are many great plans ahead. They will shortly be updating their roadmap, so keep your eyes open for that.

Finally, the team behind Simp. It is widely accepted that Simp’s team are one of the most open, hard-working and impressive teams behind a token in the cryptocurrency world. Backed by a multi-million turnover company, the team comprises of people with very impressive CVs. Ben Samson boasts a marketing career spanning over 8 years, with a current focus on supporting founders to develop and launch explosive projects. Ben has worked with some of the biggest names in corporate, sports and entertainment. James Hague, originally just an investor, is now their COO. He is a qualified accountant with a background spanning numerous industries including Commodities, Gaming, and High-end Sports cars. Most recently working within the Transformational sector under some of the highest performing McKinsey consultants, James has established a very strong network in his career. There are also an array of ambassadors and brand champions, many of whom are well known in the adult and entertainment industry.

Finally, let’s talk about Simp as an investment. At the time of writing, the market as a whole is not in a great place. So Simp, pegged with BNB, has a low market cap of just $3 million. Other adult tokens that have come (and gone in some cases) have reached highs of $200 million and beyond and they do not have the utility, foresight and team behind them, like Simp. Simp is also backed by a multi-million turnover company along with doxxed team members whose one and only goal is to make this a sustainable success. They truely believe this has billion dollar market cap potential and I have to agree with them, hence why I have invested. Check out their website to learn more – or join their Telegramp group where you can speak directly to the team and even their ambassadors – And if this seems like a good investment then head over to their site to learn how you can buy Simp from either Pancakeswap (where you’ll get 2% of Simp in reflections from every buy and sell) or from Lbank, one of the better exchanges available.

As always do your own research!

PHP Login Script – Updated

We’ve made another long called for and much needed change to our PHP Login Script. We’re now compatible with PHP 8 and we’re using the latest jQuery as well as some much needed fixes and changes.

El Salvador to airdrop $30 in Bitcoin to every adult citizen

Following the recent news that El Salvador plans to make cryptocurrency legal tender, it was revealed yesterday that every Salvadoran adult who downloads the government’s Bitcoin wallet app will also be eligible for an airdrop of $30 worth of BTC.

The announcement was welcomed by Bitcoiners and Crypto enthusiasts, with influencers speculating El Salvador’s government will need to purchase the required BTC it intends to distribute adding more than $100 million in buying pressure on markets.

This is surely good news for the struggling cryptocurrency after recent dips and drops have everyone fearing the start of the bear market. Bitcoin recently recovered some losses and is currently trading around $34,000.

Save The World!

I recently ventured in to the fast paced and ever changing world of CryptoCurrency and it has been a crazy roller coaster ride with many lessons already learned.

More recently I have been watching the rise of the Meme token, with the most famous of those undoubtedly being the infamous Dogecoin, the much loved and much derided favourite of Tesla CEO and billionaire Elon Musk. The price has soared since the beginning of the year making new millionaires in its wake, but it isn’t without it controversy, with the price reacting greatly to as little as a vague tweet from Musk.

Deciding to dip my toes in to Meme coins has been a hard decision. Undoubtedly, if I had been braver sooner, I would have made a lot of money already. And so feeling I may have missed the boat somewhat on Dodgecoin, I have been looking for the next big player in the memecoin market. Step up the “Save The World” token! More details at their website here –

The Save The Word token bills itself as a charity token and can be found on the Binance Smart Chain. It says that it, “sets its sights on becoming THE defining Charity Token on the Binance Smart Chain Network”. And this claim isn’t without merit, as it appears to have already donated $1,089,000 in 3 days since its launch to a COVID relief fund to help those in India.

It’s currently a slightly complicated process to buy, especially if you are new to Cryptocurrency. It first requires you to purchase some BNB, or Binance Coin – the coin of the largest Cryptocurrency exchange in the world – Binance. You can head on over to Binance to do that (or if you are in the US). Then you need to get yourself a TrustWallet account by downloading the app on a iphone or Android phone – its free and easy to set up, just remember to make a note of your Recovery phrase. Once that is installed and set up, send your purchased BNB from your Binance account to your TrustWallet. Then using the TrustWallet app, swap BNB to BNB Smart Chain. Add Save as a custom token to TrustWallet and from the DApps icon on the TrustWallet app, open Pancakeswap (make sure it is linked) and search for the SaveTheWorld token by pasting the address of the coin (look on the official website or Twitter account for this) or search for Save. You can now swap your BNB for Save. I had to set slippage to 12% to get the transaction to go through. It’s complicated, but once the transaction goes through, you should see the amount you own in your wallet. This amount grows over time too, as 2% of liquidity is given back to holders.

There’s slightly more to it than that, and I’d advise doing your research thoroughly first of course, before buying SAVE and before attempting the process above, especially if you are new to Cryptocurrency. More detailed instructions can be found online. But who doesn’t want to earn money whilst also raising money for charity too, and that’s whether you buy or sell $save. Each transaction generates money for the chosen charity!

..who doesn’t want to earn money whilst also raising money for charity too, and that’s whether you buy or sell $save. Each transaction generates money for the chosen charity!

As always, this is not financial advice and remember that the value of investments or income from them may go down as well as up.

Impractical Jokers Tour Takes to the UK

My first foray in to The Impractical Jokers was actually through watching the spin-off by their British Counterparts, a show I stumbled across some 5 or 6 years ago. I found myself laughing almost immediately and the cringe factor was at times almost unbearable, but it was like a morbid curiosity. I was drawn in. I couldn’t look away and I found myself wanting more. So, I was saddened when it ended after three seasons.

At the time, I think, I had decided that I wouldn’t like the American version. I had persuaded myself that theirs would be too brash, too slapstick and over-the-top for my British sense of humour. And so at the time, I didn’t even look in to them, even though I began to hear their names mentioned more and more by friends and colleagues.

Well, as it turns out, I’d love them even more. Catching their show one fateful afternoon on Comedy Central, I laughed harder and longer than ever before. And as it turns out, being a little bit behind the times worked in my favour, as I now had 5 or 6 seasons to catch up on. Like coming in to Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad a few season’s in, I was able to sit and binge watch episodes, one after the other. The earlier seasons, my favourites if I am honest, were quicker paced, with lots of games/dares and ever so slightly more cringe and crudeness. The later episodes, although still brilliant, are more high-brow and mature, but with the odd throwback to days gone by when the Jokers were possibly more carefree (and had less money). Amongst those episodes there are some legendary dares, punishments, quotes and events that will live on among fans long after The Impractical Jokers show comes to an end (please keep going guys). And so my love affair with the Impractical Jokers, aka The Tenderloins, began, and continues to this day.

For those not in the know, The Tenderloins are an American comedy troupe composed of Joseph Gatto, James Murray, Brian Quinn, and Salvatore Vulcano. The comedians are four lifelong friends who met during their freshman year at college in their beloved Staten Island. And their friendship shines through, it’s part of what makes the show so appealing and so watchable. You want to be their friend too. The format of the show, similar somewhat to other hidden camera shows (Jeremy Beadle anyone) but with a slight twist on the genre is great, but the four characters of the show, each so different, is what takes it beyond great and makes it the success it is.

That’s my opinion of course. Ask someone else, and they’ll say, ‘No I haven’t heard of them’ or ‘No, I don’t like them’ or even, ‘It’s just too cringeworthy for me’. They are a bit like Marmite, you either love them or you hate them (you can’t really hate these guys, not when you get to know their characters).

Impractical Jokers Cranjis McBasketball World Comedy Tour

And so, after a couple of years of binge watching, catching up sadly on all the episodes (I used to occasionally happen across one I hadn’t seen and it was like finding a lost Christmas present under the tree) and waiting for new episodes, I heard that they were to be touring and coming to the UK. This was my chance to see them live. And so I booked tickets to see them at The O2 with my partner who has often laughed along with me over the years. Even my 9-year-old daughter sits with us, laughing along, although ruder tasks have to be left unexplained.

I already had it in my mind that I wouldn’t laugh as much at the stage show as I do watching the TV show. I’m embarrassed to say that at times I have watched the show, with my partner sat next to me and I have been in such hysterics that I can’t breathe and my eyes are streaming, even attempting to hold it in, so I don’t look like an idiot, but it is impossible. Nothing beats laughing like that. It’s like a drug. But doing stand-up on stage, I just didn’t think it would have the same effect. And I was right. But it’s no fault of the tour, or the Tenderloins, it just is what it is. You can’t recreate the brilliant serving behind a restaurant counter or shopping mall scenes up on stage. And I think knowing that the scripted stories and subsequent scripted laughs and reactions from the jokers were somewhat put-on took something away from it. It was nowhere near as funny as the spontaneous reactions and laughter of the Jokers in the show, another vital ingredient of what makes the show so great and the guys so lovable.

There were many moments of laughter and joy though, mostly from the unscripted bits, or the recalling of fan’s favourite parts and quotes from the show, heckling from the audience or the merriment and buffoonery of the Jokers (mainly Joe) when they remained on stage for a few minutes at the end. For me it was as much about showing my support and seeing them up close as it was about watching the routine. I enjoyed the clips on the big screen, bonus unseen footage if you like, which you crave when you have caught up with all the episodes and there is no mistaking their talent. Sal is a master on stage, it comes naturally to him as a stand-up comedian in his own right and Joe is just so funny and infectious, you can’t help but love him. Q retold stories so well and I’ve always liked his affinity to the UK (the British Invasion episodes filmed in the UK were some of the best for me) and he is never short of a Union Jack t-shirt. Murr, I felt, was a little quiet but that last bit of footage starring him at the end. Well I won’t say any more and spoil it for those who haven’t see it. He is such a likeable, loveable character that he is immediately forgiven.

The Jokers remain down-to-earth, humble and modest (even with more than 1 million social media followers apiece) and they appear to love their fans as much as we love them. Joe must have shouted, ‘We Love you’ hundreds of times in the closing minutes up on stage. Sal threw stuff in to the crowd, not sure what it was but I missed out, before finally offering up Murr’s laptop, who in turn gave a defiant, ‘No, Sal, don’t do that!’ I came away happy, happy to have seen them, happy to have laughed at their stories and to be able to say, ‘been there, seen it, done it’. Hopefully one day I can do the same again, just not on the 4 day Jokers Cruise for jokers and lucky fans alike that sets sail from Miami, ending in the Bahamas, in February 2020.

The Impractical Jokers, aka The Tenderloins, will always have a special place in my heart. They have made me laugh longer and harder than anything I can ever remember. They are a joy to watch and I pray they continue to keep doing what they do together in one form or another. Please come back to the UK (more Pub scenes please!!) especially when you get far too recognised in the US (disguises?).