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Learn PHP and other languages – easy as {1} [2] 3;

Learning a new computer language is hard work. But it can be fun and rewarding and can make editing that useful script to suit your own needs that little bit easier. Reading from a book whilst carrying out the exercises and testing your code on your PC is a proven way to help you get to grips with any language.

But doing it all from your computer screen makes it a doddle. And at Codecademy they make this possible. Learn PHP, HMTL, Javascript and more and carry out the exercises all from your PC. It’s very straight forward to use and the exercises are not overly complicated and so you don’t get lost before you have even begun. It is certainly a great place to start for any budding coder looking to learn a language or try their hand at something new. So if you are looking to tweak the Angry Frog PHP Login Script but are not sure what a function is or the difference between variable and an object, try the PHP course here. Let us know what you think.

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