Angry Frog

Angry Frog Single User Login Script

The Angry Frog Single User Login Script is a single user PHP Login system that is both secure, very easy to setup and implement, and does NOT require a database. It’s perfect for small web applications, scripts, and personal pages which only have a single admin using them. The script does not support multiple users.

To use the script, simply upload 2 files to your website and place one single line of code at the top of every page of which you want to protect. If you are not logged in and try to view a protected page, the page will display a login form. Once logged in, stay logged in across multiple protected pages.

The only requirements are that your hosting account supports PHP. The script comes with full documentation including instructions on how to install the script and continued support and free updates. Please note that the script is for one user only. For multiple users, please consider using the popular Angry Frog PHP Login Script which requires a MySQL database.