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Let’s All Simp!

Two murky worlds collide when the adult industry and the crypto market come together to form a brand new cryptocurrency called Simp ( Well not quite. Both worlds are often much-maligned and usually unfairly, from those who know little or care to know anything about the industries. And so it has become the mission for the team behind Simp, a fairly new token on the Binance Smart Chain, to change the opinion on both for the better.

Simp token bills itself as the first and only token by the entertainment industry, for the entertainment industry! Unlike many cryptocurrencies that have come before, Simp launched with utility first and foremost in mind and within 5 short days they were already accepting Simp as payment on their adult websites Pocketstars and Rocketstars. These two sites have a combined 400k plus subscribers. In the coming months they plan to launch an on-ramp on the two sites making the payment of Simp even easier for its subscribers. The idea behind accepting a cryptocurrency on an adult site, instead of traditional fiat (ie, USD or GBP), is that it alleviates many problems for the creators and subscribers alike who pay by and accept payment via traditional means (ie, the banks). For a start, there is anonomity for the subscriber, whose bank account now shows a transaction in cryptocurrency, rather than porn. For the creator, accepting payments in Simp means they can do away with delays from the banks (some outright refusing to work alongside the adult industry). They no longer have to suffer from chargebacks – a “chargeback” is what occurs when an individual successfully disputes a charge on a bank or credit card statement. Once the financial institution approves the dispute, a refund is issued using funds drawn from the seller’s bank account. Some creators have had their customers successfully chargeback months down the line. Cryptocurrency also helps by reducing fees. So Anonymity, low fees and no chargebacks!

More information on all of the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency/Simp on their sites can be found on the amazing Whitepaper. A 2nd version was recently released and it is one of the best whitepapers I have seen released by a cryptocurrency. Take a look here –

Not happy with just the above, Simp have many plans coming down the line. As well as the impending On-ramp, allowing subscribers to seemlessly buy Simp at their adult sites, they have also made partnerships with other sites, such as the award winning adult toy company Phreak. Phreak will soon accept payment in Simp. As Phreak uses Shopify, Simps integration on their site means they can also offer this integration to 1000s of other adult and entertainment sites who also use Shopify. Simp are also looking to bridge to ETH, which introduces the token to a much wider, wiser and larger blockchain with savvy investors, much removed from the reputation of the average Binance Smart Chain investor who is normally just out to make a quick turnaround on their investment. They are also going to be branching in to NFTs, starting their own adult NFT marketplace, as well starting Simp TV. The metaverse also offers many opportunities down the line. Truely there are many great plans ahead. They will shortly be updating their roadmap, so keep your eyes open for that.

Finally, the team behind Simp. It is widely accepted that Simp’s team are one of the most open, hard-working and impressive teams behind a token in the cryptocurrency world. Backed by a multi-million turnover company, the team comprises of people with very impressive CVs. Ben Samson boasts a marketing career spanning over 8 years, with a current focus on supporting founders to develop and launch explosive projects. Ben has worked with some of the biggest names in corporate, sports and entertainment. James Hague, originally just an investor, is now their COO. He is a qualified accountant with a background spanning numerous industries including Commodities, Gaming, and High-end Sports cars. Most recently working within the Transformational sector under some of the highest performing McKinsey consultants, James has established a very strong network in his career. There are also an array of ambassadors and brand champions, many of whom are well known in the adult and entertainment industry.

Finally, let’s talk about Simp as an investment. At the time of writing, the market as a whole is not in a great place. So Simp, pegged with BNB, has a low market cap of just $3 million. Other adult tokens that have come (and gone in some cases) have reached highs of $200 million and beyond and they do not have the utility, foresight and team behind them, like Simp. Simp is also backed by a multi-million turnover company along with doxxed team members whose one and only goal is to make this a sustainable success. They truely believe this has billion dollar market cap potential and I have to agree with them, hence why I have invested. Check out their website to learn more – or join their Telegramp group where you can speak directly to the team and even their ambassadors – And if this seems like a good investment then head over to their site to learn how you can buy Simp from either Pancakeswap (where you’ll get 2% of Simp in reflections from every buy and sell) or from Lbank, one of the better exchanges available.

As always do your own research!

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