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Can cashback sites really earn you money?

If you’re like me (and my wife), then you’ll spend lots of money each month online, you’ll buy car insurance online, you’ll sign up to cable TV online and you’ll renew your mobile phone. Doing it online is easy, most of the time.

So if I told you that you could earn money back just for visiting and purchasing at sites you’d ordinarily use anyway and all it takes is a couple of extra clicks. Why would you not?

I recently signed my new puppy up to Tesco Insurance (Tesco for those not in the know is one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains who tried, unsuccessfully to branch in to the US). Tesco also offer banking services, car and pet insurance, mobile phone plans and much more. For a big corporation, I actually don’t mind them and prefer their supermarkets to the competitors (probably because I know where everything is). Anyway, I clicked through a cachback site link first and made a whooping £54 cashback, on a year premium that was £21 a month. That’s some cashback! And when I bought a server at work, I purchased through a HP link, earning myself another £20.

So let me introduce TopCashBack. TopCashBack is billed as the UK’s most generous site, but it’s also running in the US. There’s no join fee and no catches, so not only do you earn at least 101% cashback, but there are so many fantastic benefits from being a member. They have over 5,000 merchants including Amazon. They also offer benefits for referring friends.

This is my link – please feel free to use it, and if you are quick you will earn yourself £5 too. 72 hour Tell-A-Friend up to £25, plus a £5 M&S eGift Card for your friend. Click here.

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